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Rise of the Underdark

Ages ago, my children descended into the depths of the earth. This wasn’t exile… Nor was it an escape. It would be foolish for anyone to think of the Underdark as a safe haven. For it has ever been a place filledwith deadly creatures and eternal danger.

But the Underdark was never meant to be a home for the drow. It was their crucible.

A harsh and unforgiving existence filled with pain and death where only the swift, strong, and sly dare to survive. And as steel sharpens steel, the dark elves have become mighty.

And now…they are ready.

The return to the surface began in secret. But now, their presence will be known. My children will be swift and unrelenting. As they swarm over your land, with all their schemes and intrigues, I will weave them into a dark web that will ensnare everyone.

And when all is done, I shall cast my shadow over the world so that all may revel in my splendor.

—Lolth, Queen of Spiders


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Uma foto e uma música

Louva-a-deus sobre um broto de planta: não parece que ele tá andando de bicicleta? Vi essa foto e logo lembrei da música “Bike” do Pink Floy. Cliquem em “leia mais” e apreciem.

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